Market Research

Simply keeping up with the Joneses – also known as your competitors and their benchmarks – is not enough. You need to understand and respond to what your customers and clients want and how and where and when they want it. That’s the insight we deliver.

Our Process

We conduct in-depth online and offline market research and customer behavior analysis to uncover exciting new opportunities for you to better connect with your target market(s). We equip you with the understanding of how our demographic, psychographic and industry research data can be applied to make powerful marketing decisions and implement concrete actions that give your business a competitive advantage.

We’ll give you:

  • A rich demographic and psychographic portrait of your target market in the form of customer personas and analysis of how you fit into the lifestyle your clients or customers lead
  • An all-encompassing view of your industry (powered by Porter five forces analysis) and identification of how policy, competitive, legal or environmental changes affect your opportunities for growth
  • A detailed exploration of your competitors’ web presences and social media engagement efforts, including what’s working and what isn’t and how this information can inform your own marketing efforts
  • Clear, actionable recommendations on how to reflect industry intelligence and the behavior of your target market in the design, features and content of your web presence and your future online and offline marketing efforts

Join companies like Equals6, who asked us to provide a snapshot of other startups targeting the high-achieving college student market, organizations such as The Lean Startup Conference, who wanted to crack the code on what made business leaders choose one professional development event over another, and government agencies such as Community Employment Services Woodstock, who were looking for insight on how to connect with underserved populations in their local community.

Intrigued? Market Research packages start at $3500.

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